My Last Day of University Education

“Test that page, that module, my interface is not loading………”, such were the words filling up the iLabs@Mak Project upper office as me and my fellow finalists were preparing for the final year presentations which mark the end of the University education (Unless one has a retake).

The moment was really intense for many people, but on my side, it was yet another story. The fact is that my android app had been working for a full year and for that fact, i would only make slight changes only whenever i was supposed to show my supervisor that there was progress on my project. On my project partner’s side, everything was always moving better and there was never going to be any reason for thinking that anything amiss would ever disrupt our success story.

Time check: 9;15am (Thur 28th May, 2015).. “Up next Brian Turyabagye and Ko…… “, those were statements from the panel head as me and my project partner were being called upfront to defend our research and showcase our magnificent project.

The background, scope, objectives…bla bla.. had to be part of any presentations. Finally, I hold the phone in my hands.. scrolled through the menu, and finally hit the link to one of the modules I wanted to bring to the panel’s attention. Loading timetable……………………. loading……… loading……. My eyes couldn’t wait to see that dialog box disappear so that the ‘class timetable’ pops up…………………………..”Unfortunately, the application klasstab cannot be loaded”.. what!!!!!!!!!., this was a very big blow to my intentions.

Thank God because he sustains a person even in times where there is nothing undeserveable. At that moment I would have freaked out with several excuses before the panel but guess what happened, the head of the panel rushed in to defend the module saying the internet speeds are so slow. So actually, instead of being asked why I am deceiving about my project(Like it was for several other groups), he was defending everything that concerns my project. Finally the panel requested that we show them the screenshots of what we intended to display, and this we did delightfully.

Now, this wasn’t the end of the story. We had a web app for which the panel requested us to demonstrate. At that time, chrome failed to display from the PC we were using while citing issues of the screen resolution. Trying Internet explorer made it even worse because it could simply divide up the pages contrary to the initial prototype design. At that moment, the laptop battery just went below the threshold and the result was the shut down of the PC that we were using to present our findings.

We were thus advised to first charge our PC and return after the next group  to show our last module. We went at the back of the classroom and tried out everything and the results were really great. The moment again reached and we showcased our module but to our disappointment, it just ran halfway. The module of viewing the upload results was instead showing us a stack of errors.

With all this happening, the verdict of our mark had already been made. U may believe it or not, our mark was the highest as per the presentations that had already been made. Now this is the understanding, that I obtained and I pray you understand what I want to bring to your notice.

The Lord sustains his own in every situation. He gave us all the abilities to do excellent work (which we had done) and as well provides enough undeserved and uncommon favor to sustain his own in any situation. The fact is that I would have boasted if our project had executed successfully before the panel but the desired to bring it to my notice that even in times when I don’t qualify for the credit, he makes sure I obtain simply because he loves me. Simply because he has purposed to make me great and successful and this implies that there will never be a point in my life where the Lord’s hand is off my help. I can boast and say that the Lord will care for every slight detail in your life no matter, because you are his own and you have believed him for who he his.

Hang onto these things and you will see yourself flying. The LORD CARRIES YOUR LOT. Know it from today (if u didn’t know) and believe it more (if u knew it). You will reap more than you can never imagine.

Thank you for taking time to read this piece of my heart. Watch out for my next release, there is a lot  happening in my life that u can tap. Know that every time you read this, you contribute to who I am being transformed into and I know my Lord will do even greater things for you for such simple things.

Finally, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I cherish your time.abraham-lincoln-president-in-the-end-its-not-the-years-in-your-life-that-count-its


Our lives

Ever wondered why you were created!!

You are not the only one, we are in the same boat. The fact is that God planned out so many things that will ever happen to the creation and you had to be created to play a certain key role in modifying the original template and be a co-creator with God.

From my experiences, I have embraced this beautiful thought and day by day, I have come to meet and experience my dreams. Seeing yourself up so many ladders is not quite an easy task but it becomes so easy and fulfilling when u have God as your anchor. Simply because he created you and he can only show you the great destiny that he has for you.

All the best desires within u are not just thoughts, God shapes them and puts them into you so that you can see a picture of where he wants to take you.

Keep at it and enjoy!! Am glad you read this.